Beef Bacon

  • 375 grams

Which tastes better: bacon or steak? Take your time, it’s a hard decision. Imagine if you could somehow combine the smoky, salty taste of crispy bacon with the beefy flavour of steak. This dreamy combination already exists - it’s beef bacon! Our beef bacon comes from the family-run farms at VG Meats located in Simcoe, Ontario where they raise high-quality beef without the use of antibiotics. Their beef bacon is perfect for those looking for something different from bacon or for those who chose not to eat pork.

COOKING TIP: Beef bacon doesn’t need any special treatment so just cook it however you usually cook bacon - in the frying pan or the oven. It takes longer in the oven, about 25-35 minutes at 350℉ on a parchment-lined baking sheet, but it is far less mess to clean up afterwards. The unique beefy bacon flavour of our beef bacon perfectly pairs with bacon-wrapped scallops, water chestnuts, or any other recipe where bacon brings the flavour. 

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