All Beef Hot Dogs

  • 4 5-inch Hot Dogs

Picture this: you are hosting a backyard barbecue and it’s time to grill up the food for your guests. Will you serve your guests ordinary grocery store hot dogs or do you want them to be blown away and begging for more? Our all-beef hot dogs are from our friends at Two Rivers Specialty Meats and will ensure that people are talking about your barbecue for weeks afterwards (and not just because Linda fell into the pool). They are made from 100% beef raised locally in BC without antibiotics and are the kind of hot dogs that inspires new combinations of toppings to complement the amazing flavour, not overpower it.


COOKING TIP: These hot dogs are so incredible that you will want to plan out every detail so that you can experience them at their full potential. The most important decisions will be the cooking method and the toppings - so plan ahead. Cooking options include boiling or grilling - each method works well but give different characteristics to your hot dog. Boiling mimics a baseball park-style hot dog and keeps it juicy where grilling adds a smoky flavour and a crispier exterior that almost mimics a campfire-cooked hot dog. The next decision is a big one: what topping combinations will perfectly complement the amazing flavour of these hot dogs? We recommend something adventurous like peanut satay sauce + pickled carrots + cilantro + crushed peanuts, or something bright and earthy like mango salsa + caramelized onions. No matter how you decide to experience these hot dogs, you and your guests will be glad that you did. Just keep an eye on Linda when she is by the pool, will ya?

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