Roasted Chicken and Smoked Corn Pie

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If you are like us, you know that few things are better than a creamy chicken pie with a delicate, flaky crust. It’s amazing comfort food and this pie from our friends at Mile One Eating House in Pemberton, BC will quickly become a favourite. Mile One has perfected the art of the chicken pot pie using local BC ingredients, such as chunks of tender chicken, potatoes, and carrots, simmered in thick sauce made with milk, butter, spices, and cheese. Sounds like an amazing pie, right? Well, Mile One goes further by adding smoked corn and wrapping it all in an amazing flaky golden brown crust. This 5” pie is is almost big enough to feed two people but we have a feeling you won’t want to share it. So maybe pick up a second one just in case.

COOKING TIP: There is nothing to it! Just preheat an oven to 350℉, remove the packaging, place the pie on baking sheet, and bake for 70 mins or until the internal temp is 167 ℉ and the crust is golden brown. Remember that the inside is as hot as magma so you should let it cool down a bit before taking a bite.

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