Honey Garlic Wings

  • 1 1lb of Wings

These Korean honey garlic wings from Kingsland Hutterite Colony are amazing. Let us tell you why. The chickens are raised on a free-run farm in New Dayton, Alberta, fed a mixed diet of vegetables and grains, and never given any antibiotics or hormones. The wings are hand cut, marinated, air-chilled, and vacuum-sealed to keep their maximum freshness. The Korean inspired honey garlic sauce is delicately balanced between the sweetness of the honey and the savoury kick of the garlic. It’s the same sauce as on Kingsland’s Korean honey garlic chicken breasts, which everyone loves so they decided to use it on their amazing wings too.


COOKING TIP: The good news is that these wings are super easy to prepare because Kingsland has preseasoned and sauced them for you. That only leaves the cooking to do and there are a few great options. Cooking them in an air-fryer likely makes them the crispiest, the grill adds a hint of smoky-char flavour, but the easiest way is in the oven. To cook these wings in the oven, simply preheat it to 400°F and line a baking sheet with tin foil. Next spread the frozen wings on the sheet and bake them for 25-30 minutes or until the internal temperature hits 165℉. The oven method makes the sauce thicken up and become sticky and delicious. Half the fun of eating wings is the finger-licking mess.

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