Apple Pie

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When I was a kid, apple pie was such a rare treat. It was sweet and tart and the crust was always amazing. I was lucky enough to have a Gramma that was an incredible baker. Now that she is gone, I am not so lucky but I am flooded with memories of meals at her table whenever I eat one of these amazing apple pies from Sharman’s Proper Pies. This classic pie is perfectly balanced - sweet yet tart, flaky, with just a hint of cinnamon, just like Gramma’s. It measures 9” and can easily feed 4-6 people (if you want to share it, that is).


COOKING TIP: Cooking this pie is so much easier than making it from scratch. There is no need to peel apples all day - just preheat an oven to 400℉, remove the packaging and bake it for 45-60 minutes. We recommend letting it cool before serving but we like it cool - we even like it straight from the fridge the next day.

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