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Okay, we admit that a lot of people think of Thanksgiving when they hear “turkey” but these moist boneless, skinless turkey breasts are so good, you’ll want to eat them any day of the year. These birds are from our friends at The Butcher Shoppe, a family farm that humanely raises their birds without any antibiotics or growth supplements. Turkey breasts can be subbed in for chicken breasts in most recipes. A whole turkey breast is usually around 2x the size of a chicken breast so we’ve sliced the turkey breasts in half for you. This makes it even easier to use this item in recipes that call for chicken breast. Turkey breasts are an excellent source of protein and are low in fat. Turkey breasts contain minerals like iron, zinc and selenium. Did you know that minerals are needed for your sense of taste and smell? In fact, often people who are picky eaters are also mineral deficient.

COOKING TIP: Thaw the package on a drip-proof container overnight in your fridge, or under cool running water for about 30 min. Like all raw poultry, make sure to thoroughly wash your hands and contact surfaces after handling. To keep your turkey from drying out, avoid overcooking, (remember aunt Doris’ thanksgiving turkey?......yup overcooked). To cook turkey breast to perfection, use a meat thermometer and cook to an internal temperature of 74°C (165°F), but not much higher. If you have a smoker, smoke the turkey breast at 225℉ for about an hour. We recommend serving it with all the trimmings: mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and green beans sauteed with some bacon. You don't need to wait until Thanksgiving to enjoy turkey!

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