Hot Angus Grassfed Beef Sticks

  • 2 Beef Sticks

If you are the kind of guy or gal that likes to send your taste buds on an adventure, then you must try the hot angus grass fed beef sausage sticks made by Atwood Heritage. These spicy snacks start with 100% grass-fed Ontario beef raised without antibiotics on a 200-year-old family farm. Atwood uses a traditional method brought to Canada by European Mennonite farmers that starts with a slow fermentation, then uses cold smoking and dry curing. These sausage sticks are seasoned with simple kitchen cupboard ingredients like maple syrup, sea salt, olive oil, and hot chillies. They are naturally gluten-free and dairy-free, high in protein, free of trans fat, and low in both saturated fatty acids and cholesterol.

Serving Suggestions: There is no need to refrigerate this product until opened. You will receive it frozen with the rest of your order so try to be patient and let them warm up a bit before snacking. After opening the package, it's a good idea to refrigerate, as the sticks tend to dry out. We like to serve these sausage sticks sliced up on a charcuterie board, paired with some olives, local cheeses, and a baguette. These sticks are so versatile, you can enjoy them any time of day and bring them anywhere you go. Each package contains 2 pieces, perfect for sharing with that buddy who is also an extreme flavour seeker

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