Wild Boar Sticks

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These wild boar sausage sticks are from our friends at Atwood Heritage and we love them so much that we hope that you give them a try. The artisans at Atwood blended lean wild boar meat with antibiotic free pork and just the right amount of spices. The result is a delicious portable snack that is lean, smoky, savoury, and slightly tangy. Atwood has perfected a centuries-old method of preserving sausages so that they can be eaten on the go. Wild boar has a stronger flavour than conventional pork and is rich and nutty without that gamey taste of other game meats. It's higher in protein and lower in saturated fat and cholesterol as compared to other domesticated proteins like beef and pork.

Serving Suggestions: These snack sticks can be stored at room temperature, there is no need to refrigerate. We will ship them in your regular frozen box, so when it arrives, remove the sticks and let them rest at room temperature before consuming. After you have opened the package and have leftovers, you can refrigerate them to prevent them from drying out too much. We like to eat these sausage sticks right out of the package while on the go, after a workout, or during a hike.They can also be sliced up and served on a charcuterie board, paired with some local cheeses and crackers for easy entertaining. These sticks are so versatile, enjoy them any time of day, and bring them anywhere you go. Each package contains 2 pieces that weigh 25g each, feel to split a pack with a friend, spouse, or roommate!

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