Venison Sticks

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Our friends at Atwood Heritage have created these venison sausage sticks by blending lean, domestically raised venison with pork and beef and just a hint of maple syrup, sea salt, and olive oil. Venison is naturally lower in fat than other domesticated red meats, which means these sticks have less than 2g of fat per piece. After seasoning, the artisans at Atwood Heritage use a fermentation technique followed by cold smoking and dry curing which results in a satisfying chewy texture. The fermentation makes these snacks slightly tangy which pairs well with its meaty goodness.

Serving Suggestions: This shelf stable product does not require refrigeration but they will be pretty cold after being shipped in a box with your other frozen food (so let them warm up before taking a bite).They can be stored in a cool, dry area until ready to consume. Once opened, the product is best stored refrigerated, as they will continue to dry out. We like to eat these sausage sticks right out of the package while on the go. Take them on your next hunting or fishing trip! These sticks are so versatile, enjoy them any time of day, and anywhere you go. Each package contains the perfect snackable quantity of 2 pieces that are 25g each. 

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