Bison Sticks

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The folks at Atwood Heritage have created a bison meat snack that is so amazingly delicious and unbelievably satisfying. Bison tastes similar to beef, but is higher in protein while lower in fat and cholesterol. The combination of lean bison, flavourful pork, and hearty beef - all raised without the use of antibiotics by the way - results in a snack that is chewy and satisfying in texture, with great nutrition. The traditional mennonite fermentation techniques combined with cold smoking and dry curing yields a shelf stable product that is very meaty, smoky, tangy, and satisfying. Made with only ingredients that you can pronounce like maple syrup, sea salt and olive oil, these perfectly seasoned snacks are suitable for dairy free and gluten free diets. This snack is packed in a portable and easy to open package. Who knew that game meats could be easy to eat on the go

Serving Suggestions: When you get your box, make sure to remove the meat sticks and store them at room temperature before you eat them. Once opened, the product is best stored refrigerated because they will continue to dry out. We like to eat these sausage sticks right out of the package while on the go. Throw them in your gym bag for the perfect pre or post workout snack. 

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