Turkey Pepperstix

  • 10 Pepperstix

Our friends at Stemmler's Meats have created the perfect snack by blending turkey and chicken with just the right balance of smoke and seasonings to create the perfect grab-and-go snack. Not only do these taste great but they’re a smart choice nutritionally because compared to similar beef and pork pepperoni sticks, these are lower in fat, higher in protein, and free of trans fatty acids. They’re lightly seasoned, not hot or spicy, and have just the right texture - not too chewy, not too soft. Stemmlers fully cooks, smokes, and cures these sausages so they can be stored at room temperature until opened. These award winning pepperoni snack sticks earned the Stemmlers the title of Ontario Grand Champs. We hope you will enjoy this award winning snack as much as we do.

Serving Suggestions: Once you receive your box, the snack sticks might be cold from travelling in the box with your meat. Feel free to let them warm up in the pantry before consuming because there’s no need to refrigerate until you open the package. After opening, it's best to refrigerate the leftovers and consume them within 2 weeks but we doubt they will last that long. These snacks are perfect for packed lunches, an afternoon snack, or riding shot-gun on your next road trip!

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