Mild Pepperstix

  • 10 Pepperstix

With just the right balance of smoke, seasonings and spices, these protein-packed snacks will satisfy your cravings and tide you over between meals. Mild pepperstix are a quick and easy snack for the whole family that you can feel good about because each serving of 2 pieces contains 12g of protein and just 1 g of sugar. Two generations of the Stemmler family have been curing sausages in the Waterloo, ON region for over 35 years. Gerard and Mary Ann Stemmler first sold their delicious creations at the St. Jacobs farmers market before opening their own shop in Heidelberg ON. Their artisanal recipe for mild pork and beef pepperoni snack sticks earned them the title of Ontario Grand Champion at a recent competition! 

Serving Suggestions: We’ll be shipping this product to you along with your other frozen items but there is no need to refrigerate at home until the package is opened. Once you unpack your box, store them in a cool dry place until you are ready to eat. After opening, store in the fridge and consume within a couple of weeks. These snacks are super versatile, enjoy them anytime of the day, morning, afternoon or evening. 

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