Honey Roasted Garlic Pepperstix

  • 10 Pepperstix

Who doesn’t love the sweet and savoury combination of honey and garlic. Our friends at Stemmler's Meats near Waterloo, ON have figured out how to put our favourite sweet and sticky sauce flavour into their beef and pork pepperoni sticks. These portable honey roasted garlic pepperstix are what we in the biz call ‘swalty’ or the combo of sweet and salty that leaves your tastebuds craving more. These snacks are high in protein and free of trans fat so go ahead and enjoy!

Serving Suggestions: This shelf stable product does not need any refrigeration. Because it arrives in your box with your other frozen food, you should remove the sausage sticks and store them in a cool dry area until you are ready to consume them. Once the package is opened, the product should be refrigerated and is best if consumed within 2 weeks. These snacks can travel with you on your next summer road trip, day at the beach, or around the campfire. You can also throw them into packed lunches or slice them up with veggies and cheese for a quick afternoon snack.

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