Korean-style Marinated Beef Short Ribs

  • 1 Pack of Short Ribs

You must try these Korean-style Beef Short Ribs (the Korean name is Galbi) from our friends at VG Meats. These thinly sliced marinated Ontario beef short ribs are super convenient to prepare, really fun to eat, and are fast enough for a weeknight meal and impressive enough to serve when company is coming. VG’s is a second-generation farm in Simcoe, Ontario. The four Van Groningen brothers specialise in high-care, small herd, dry aged beef that is never given antibiotics or steroids. They have pioneered a scientific method for tenderness testing in beef, which means that every portion you purchase is tender and juicy every time. We at truLOCAL adore these ribs! The marinade is a nice balance of sweet, savoury, and just a hit of soy sauce and black pepper. Once grilled, the ribs are crispy on the surface, with a slight chew.

COOKING TIP: These ribs are ready to grill right out of the package. Thaw overnight in a drip proof container. Simply toss on a preheated grill or 205°C (400°F) oven and cook until at least 63°C (145°F) for medium-rare. Go ahead and cook longer for a crispy crust. Garnish the cooked ribs with sesame seeds and sliced green onions. We like to serve them on steamed rice with kimchi (Korean-style pickled cabbage) on the side. 

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