Southwest-style Marinated Beef Short Ribs

  • 1 Pack of Ribs

Once in a while a product comes along that you just can’t get enough of. The new Southwest-style Marinated Beef Short Ribs are the kind of product we in the biz call ‘moreish’ (definition: causing a desire for more). Our friends at VG meats have taken premium Ontario beef short ribs raised without antibiotics, sliced them thin, and marinated them with a sweet and savoury blend of brown sugar, paprika, black pepper, garlic, salt, and mustard. This marinade infuses into the meat creating an explosion of flavour with every single bite. If you are planning a summer BBQ, these are the must have menu item. But, they are so quick to prepare you can eat them all year round.

COOKING TIP: Three simple steps: thaw, cook and serve! Thaw in your fridge overnight, or under running water for 30 minutes. Once thawed, toss them on a preheated grill or in a 205°C (400°F) oven. Ensure that you cook to a minimum internal temperature of 63°C (145°F), but feel free to cook longer if you like your ribs a little crispy on the outside (we sure do). We love these ribs with corn on the cob and a classic creamy slaw or potato salad. These are easy to prepare and fun to eat. Grab a napkin, roll up your sleeves, and don’t be afraid to eat them with your hands. We swear they taste better this way!! 

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