Wild Caught Cooked Cold Water Shrimp

  • 1 Package

The best seafood is from right here in Canada where the water is cold and bountiful. These Oceanwise recommended Northern coldwater shrimp are caught ethically off the Newfoundland coast and are fully shelled and cooked right away to seal in the freshness. These tiny little east coast beauties are the perfect size for salads or dumplings and are full of shrimp flavour. We think that the coldwater shrimp from our friends at Afishionado is some of the best shrimp available but we would love your second opinion.


COOKING TIP: Because they are cooked, shelled and flash frozen, these little gems are ready to use as soon as they are defrosted. They thaw quickly in the fridge or by running them under cold water. We love them in chowders, stir-fries, salads, or pasta. We suggest trying them in the simple and delicious recipe called shrimp scampi. Scampi combines tart lemon juice, garlic, shrimp, olive oil, and spiciness, and serves it up on linguine or your favourite pasta. It’s such a simple recipe with tons of flavour and many ways to adapt it to suit your preferences. 

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