Wild-Caught Seafood Medley

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Wild-caught off the coast of Nova Scotia and Ocean Wise recommended this seafood medley is a blend of cooked coldwater shrimp, scallops and haddock pieces. The team at Afishionado Fishmongers have created this triple medley with the finest, freshly harvested North Atlantic fish and seafood. When it comes to the taste and texture of wild-caught haddock, it has a mild taste and a delicate flakey texture. Wild-caught cold water shrimp are plump little gems that have a mild sweet flavour. Nova Scotia scallops are a delicious delicacy, packed with nutrients and free of that 'fishy' taste. If you're just starting to squeeze more seafood into your diet, this seafood medley is the perfect start.

COOKING TIP: This seafood medley is so versatile, we love to toss it into chowders, stir fries and pasta sauces. Try making a seafood paella topped with this blend for a crowd-pleaser. The pieces are all similar in size, and quickly heat up to temperature, so be careful not to overcook them. Bring the largest scallop or haddock portion up to a minimum 74°C (165°F).

  • *Note - Due to the oily nature of some seafood, we cannot guarantee vacuum-seal for seafood products.

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