RWA Chicken Drumstick

  • 4 Chicken Drumsticks

Fenwood Farm chicken is grain-feed. It is high in protein, low in fat and rich in flavour. These chickens are raised without antibiotics and fed vitamins, minerals, probiotics and grains. They are not fed animal by-products or bakery waste. No growth proponents are added to the feed or water. Fenwood Farm chickens are air-chilled, enhancing the flavour of the meat. These chickens are raised indoors with plenty of room to roam around.

Drumsticks are from the lower part of a chicken leg, from the knee to the ankle. It has less meat than the thigh but both have such deliciously tender dark meat that it is hard to pick a favourite between the two. One great benefit is that the drumstick is great for eating with your hands - the bone acts like a stick through the middle like a kabob. In fact, just thinking of delicious Southern fried chicken, we picture a drumstick! We like this cut for its dark meat which is more forgiving when cooking because it does not dry out as easily as white meat if overcooked. 

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