• 400 grams

This is the traditional bacon you know and love. Cut from the pork belly and then salt-cured, this "streaky bacon" gets its rich flavour from the bright white lines of fat running down each strip. Our friends at Townsend Butchers in Simcoe, ON are behind this delicious bacon, which happens to be one of our most popular products!

COOKING TIPS: Our perfect day goes something like this: bacon and eggs for breakfast, a BLT for lunch, and bacon-wrapped scallops for dinner. Pro tip: have your bacon and keep the fat too. Hold on to the rendered bacon fat and substitute it when cooking vegetables or really anything that requires oil and a hint of delicious bacon (like pancakes...yes, we went there). For even more inspired uses for bacon, check out our Bacon Lover's Guide to Cooking with Bacon.

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