Beef Burgers

4oz Ontario Beef Burgers

These burgers are a staple for how unique Ontario beef really is. Not only is West Grey’s Ontario beef antibiotic free, the burgers are also made of only three simple ingredients: ground beef, salt and pepper! Yes… that’s right – burgers with absolutely no additives or preservatives. Old fashioned-burgers just the way you like them. Extra juicy with a flavor that’s out of this world, these burgers are a grilling favorite. Individually wrapped for your conveniences. And yes…these burger are GLUTEN FREE.

COOKING TIP: We’re committed to getting the most authentic products possible which is why we sourced burgers that have no additives, preservatives or binders. Add egg and mix with the meat if you wish to add binder. For the very best and juiciest burger, only flip the meat once on the grill and never flatten burgers with your spatula. Flattening burgers only forces the juices out of the burger causing a dryer pattie. 

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What is truLOCAL?

We are introducing simple monthly meat plans in Ontario that deliver high-end, locally sourced meat products right to your door, anywhere in Ontario.

Where do you deliver?

If you’re in Ontario, we deliver to all postal codes across the province! We deliver overnight using dry ice, which means even if you’re not home to receive your delivery, it will stay frozen until you get back!

Can I skip delivery or pause my deliveries?

Absolutely, you can pause, skip or cancel at any time. Our simple monthly meat plans are meant to be flexible which is why they come with no commitment.