Local Meat: Healthier, Tastier, Better For The Environment

Eating locally raised meat is one of the best food decisions you can make, and with truLOCAL’s meat box service, having your favourite cuts delivered is easy!

Why Local Matters When It Comes To Meat


One of the biggest alimentary trends of the past twenty years has been the resurgent interest in whole foods. As Canadians have become aware of the negative health effects of industrial and heavily processed foods, they have gravitated toward more natural options, and sought out producers that are committed to producing meat that is healthier and more wholesome. For many, this has meant joining the local food movement and committing to learning more about where their food comes form. 



There are many reasons people make the switch to local food, but health is probably the most prominent. Most of the meat — and especially the beef — that North Americans eat today is less nutritious and higher in calories than the meat that would have been eaten a century ago, in large part because the animals it comes from have not been raised in a natural way.



Buying local is one of the best ways to ensure that the meat you are eating has been produced with an eye to health and sustainability. The closer to source you purchase a cut of meat, the likelier it is that that meat has not been heavily processed. And if you order your meat online through truLOCAL, you are guaranteed to be getting meat from local farms and suppliers that prioritize healthy meat.



Not only does truLOCALs service connect you with Ontario producers, it also provides a high degree of transparency around where its products come from. Unlike other shopping options, which provide a bare minimum of information about where their food comes from, truLOCAL lets you know exactly where your meat was raised. You can learn about our suppliers on our website and discover more about how we source all of our meat from the most sustainable Ontario-based farms and fisheries, from our Caudle’s Catch fish to our Hidden Roots Artisinal chicken.  


When it comes to making sure you are eating healthy, local meat, being more careful about where your beef is sourced from is also important. Most beef is raised on pasturage before being finished on a grain-based diet. Grain diets are used to fatten up cattle faster, but it has a negative impact on the quality of the meat.


Cows that have been raised only eating pasturage produce meat that is lower in calories, richer in wholesome omega-3 fatty acids, and has a fuller, more nuanced flavour. And with truLOCAL, you can get top quality grass fed beef that has been raised right here in Ontario delivered straight to your door as part of your monthly meal box order.  


All the evidence shows that Canadians are becoming more conscious of what they eat, and more intentional about building a diet that is healthy and sustainable. As these trends become more standard across the industry, options like truLOCAL, which allow shoppers access to a wide range of premium local meats, are filling a vital gap in the market.


If you want to discover for yourself just how big a difference eating local meat can make, visit truLOCAL and start building your own meal box today!

Posted on July 12th, 2021