Holiday Shopping has Never Been Easier

The holidays are almost here. But for most Canadians, the rest and relaxation that comes with slowing down, taking time off work, and visiting loved ones for Christmas and New Years come at the price of a hectically busy first half of December.

The holidays are almost here. But for most Canadians, the rest and relaxation that comes with slowing down, taking time off work, and visiting loved ones for Christmas and New Years come at the price of a hectically busy first half of December.

As a Global News segment, last year noted, the stress caused by December busyness can have a serious effect on people’s brains, which is why growing numbers of Canadians are looking for ways to get the most out of the holiday season without going overboard with buying presents and organizing parties.

But some aspects of the holiday season simply cannot be downsized without making Christmas less fun for everyone, and the food is one of them. Food has always been a central part of what makes the holidays enjoyable, and most would prefer to sacrifice just about every other aspect of holiday celebrations if it meant being still being able to sit around the holiday table tucking into roast chicken, tourtière, cranberry sauce, and a Christmas ham.

As a food delivery company dedicated to providing our customers with the very best meats Canada can offer, truLOCAL takes the alimentary aspects of the holiday season more seriously than anyone. Our mission this year is to guarantee that everyone can sit down to a holiday feast made with sustainable, fresh, ethically produced meat sourced from local farmers. To this end, we are offering a wide range of specials to help you enjoy the holidays to the fullest.

One of the reasons why people who try our meat delivery services are so pleased with the results is that truLOCAL brings together the convenience of delivery with high-quality local meats from artisanal providers: at truLOCAL, we understand how important it is to make sure that your Christmas meals are authentic and delicious, which is why we have made every effort to provide our customers in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta with a wide range of premium cuts in time for the holidays.

If you want to learn more about how truLOCAL can help you find the meat you need this holiday season, here are just a few of the ways our service is being enhanced to make yuletide as tasty as possible.

Preparing your Favourite Christmas Dishes is Easy with our Holiday Specials

For most Canadians, the most exciting thing about the holidays is the opportunity to sit down with friends and family to enjoy a Christmas feast. Traditional recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation are pulled out and dusted off, and shopping lists filled with tasty meats, vegetables, and spices are drawn up to guarantee that the only the best ingredients are used.

But making sure you get the very best quality meat can be difficult, especially if you don’t live in an area where there are many specialty butcher shops or farmer’s markets. Many classic Christmas meals require ingredients that are not readily available, like specialty sausages, lamb shanks, and scallops. Depending on your own family traditions, you may need to go quite far afield to find the right meats for your favourite meals.

With truLOCAL, however, preparing for your Christmas cooking is easy. If you anywhere in Ontario, British Columbia, or Alberta, you can put together your meat delivery order for a special Christmas box, or simply put in a regular order for some of our delicious local meats.

If you already have a subscription, you can choose to increase it to account for the needs of your guests, or you can add a one-off delivery just for the holidays. And if you want to make sure that your box will arrive in time for the holidays, simply click the “Get My Box Now” option when ordering, and your box will be guaranteed to arrive before Christmas.

Do you want to give one of your loved ones a truly unique Christmas gift this year? Then check out our Holiday Special — for the first time, we are making it possible for you to celebrate the holidays by sending a truLOCAL gift box to anyone in our area of delivery.

When sending a truLOCAL gift box, you have the option of selecting one of our four seasonal classics, each of which offers a selection of some of our best products. For those who love their beef but also go wild for seafood, there is our Holiday Surf & Turf box; for those who like to keep it strictly AAA, there is our Holiday Steak Box; everyone can find something to love in our mixed “Something for All the Elves” box; and if you know someone who can’t stop singing the praises of grass-fed beef, their eyes are guaranteed to light up when they receive our Holiday Grass-Fed Beef Box. 

Avoid the Crazy Holiday Lines with our Custom Delivery System

There are many things about the holidays that are delightful and heart touching, but standing in line to purchase gifts, groceries, and meat is not one of them. In fact, The New York Times once famously described standing in line as a form of torture.

Christmas lines are especially bad because everyone seems to be in just as much of a hurry as everyone else, and the possibility that certain staple products will fly off the shelves before you can get them makes the whole thing twice as stressful as it should be.

So just imagine how much better it would be to have fresh grass fed beef delivered to your door rather than needing to venture out into the holiday crowds and elbow your way through jam-packed butcher shops. The holidays are busy enough without spending hours and hours waiting in line to make your purchases!

There are other benefits to ordering your meat for the season online. Because of the immense popularity of Christmas foods like Black Forest Ham, whole chickens, loin roasts, and rib roasts during the holidays, many grocers and butchers sell out quickly. In major cities across Canada, specialty butchers are already putting up signs noting that Christmas orders will need to be made by a certain time.

For those who simply don’t have time at the beginning of the month to plan out their holiday meals and visit a butcher shop to place an order for the meats they will need, truLOCAL provides a great way to guarantee that you won’t miss out on your favourite dishes that doesn’t require you to spend a weekend going from grocery store to butcher.

Because we work directly with local farms to source the best possible ingredients, we can promise you that whatever you need from our product list, we will be able to get it to you in time for Christmas as long as you place your order in time.

Delivery is also convenient for other reasons, however; with truLOCAL, you can order your steak online and have it delivered to you in a convenient refrigerated box anywhere in the province. Not only does truLOCAL deliver straight to your door, but we can also deliver to your apartment building, office, or gym. You can even order your meal box to be delivered to the address of family or friends and make your own tasty contribution to a holiday gathering that much more streamlined and easy.

No matter how you want to receive your meat, truLOCAL has you covered, which takes the stress out of delivery. Instead of having to make sure that you are home at a certain time to receive your order, you can order any of these quality products to your home today and rest secure in the knowledge that it will be waiting for you within one to two business days.  

TruLOCAL’s Holiday Selection puts the Spotlight on Old Classics and New Favourites

While our convenient delivery service has made it easier for customers to buy our product, ultimately truLOCAL has built its reputation on the quality of the meat itself. From the very beginning, truLOCAL has been committed to making delicious local meat available to our customers no matter where they are, and as we have expanded to Alberta and British Columbia, we have only taken our mandate more seriously.

When we began, we were careful to build in transparency about where our food comes from, which is why anyone can visit our website and find out exactly where their chicken, pork, beef, fish, and buffalo have been raised. As our business grew, we sought out new partners in Western Canada that would allow us to maintain our promise to provide local meat. We are proud to work with family operations like Spragg’s Meat, Lambtastic, Kingsland Hutterite Colony, Farmcrest Farms, and Two Rivers Speciality Meats, and we are proud of every single cut that we deliver.

As the holidays draw near, we have worked hard to ensure that our customers have access to the high-quality ingredients that are the building blocks of any Christmas feast, and to that end, we have expanded our regular selection to provide our customers with as many options as possible.

Most Christmas dinners revolve around a roast, which is why we offer two types of roast ham (old fashioned and Black Forest), whole chickens, pork loin roast, grass-fed seasoned beef rump roast, prime rib roast, sirloin tip roast, Montreal steak spice rump roast, pork shoulder roast, and pork tenderloin. No matter what your family tradition is, truLOCAL can deliver the roast you love — and we can also provide plenty of great side dishes as well, including our new bacon-wrapped scallops!

Canada is also a multicultural country, though, and there are many Canadians who, when thinking of a holiday meal, are more likely to imagine jerk chicken, tikka masala, or ginger beef. Because the holidays are for everyone, truLOCAL also offers a wide range of meat that is perfect for the dishes that are quickly becoming as much a part of Canadian culture as meat pies and pan-fried steak.

In fact, we have expanded our holiday offerings to make available exciting prepared dishes like chipotle barbecue marinated chicken breasts, chipotle mango marinated chicken breasts, lemon pepper marinated chicken breasts, and roasted garlic and pepper marinated chicken breasts. No matter what your family’s favourite dishes are, these exciting new options are bound to add a bit of spice to your current menu.

And for families that prefer to go light on the meat but absolutely love their seafood, truLOCAL has a veritable cornucopia of options. In addition to classic appetizers like shrimp and bacon-wrapped scallops, we can also provide you with wild-caught sockeye salmon, perch, Icelandic cod, pickerel, Atlantic haddock, snapper, and Atlantic sea scallops.

All our seafood is wild-caught and sourced through Canadian companies that work with fishermen across the country to provide high-quality fish that has been harvested in environmentally sustainable ways and is perfect for making everything from whitefish salad to lemon and dill baked fish filets.

For many Canadians, the holidays are timeless precisely because they provide an opportunity to let go of the usual cares and considerations of the rest of the year and focus on what matters, and it is an irony of modern life that this quintessential time of reflection and fellowship has become a source of great stress in the lives of most of us.

This year, why not take back some of the holiday spirits and streamline your holiday grocery shopping with truLOCAL? Not only will it help you get more out of the Christmas season, but it will also give you a chance to use some of the tastiest and freshest local meats available when it comes time to cook your favourite holiday recipes.

With all of the incredible cuts available to you through truLOCAL’s fresh meat delivery service, Christmas dinner won’t just be delicious — preparing it will be easy, stress-free, and fun!

Posted on July 13th, 2021