How to Build the Perfect truLOCAL Box

How do you get the most bang for your buck in your truLOCAL box? How do you maximize your meat, for the same amazing fixed price? Here is the inside scoop on how to build your best truLOCAL box!

How to Build the Perfect truLOCAL Box

It's no secret that my husband and I are huge fans of truLOCAL. Ever since we tried out the service in 2015, we've loved the quality of the products, the convenience of monthly deliveries, and the amazing customer service. It's helped us save time, money, and even do more batch cooking to make time in the kitchen more efficient!

A few months ago, I shared a step-by-step guide to building your first truLOCAL box. It's all about de-mystifying the ordering process by showing you exactly how starting a subscription works, including some of my tips and advice along the way.

It seemed to help many of you, so for today's post, I'll be sharing more tips on ordering from truLOCAL. This time, we'll be focusing on how to build the perfect box. And I'm super excited to be sharing some of the best insider tips straight from Irma of the truLOCAL team.

If you'd rather watch a video about building your truLOCAL box, check out the episode of truLOCAL TV that covers it in detail. Otherwise, let's jump in by summarizing some of Irma's best tips! This advice will help you maximize your truLOCAL order, and get the most out of your subscription.

#1. Choose the Larger Box.

As I mentioned in my "how to order" video, ordering the Family Box is really smart. It gives you much more value: the $259 price tag will give you up to 40 individual portions, whereas the Starter Box, priced at $135, will give you up to 18 individual portions. That means you're getting 20% more food but at a lower cost. Both box sizes will fit in a regular-sized freezer, so there's no need to be intimidated by the larger of the two box options.

Worried it will be too much food? Don't be! You can always pause your subscription or change your order frequency if you need more time between deliveries. By reducing your shipments to be half as frequent, you pay less, get more food, and help the environmental impact of shipping and materials.

#2. Pick the Cuts with Multiple Servings.

By picking cuts that will last you a long time, you can get more bang for your buck. Some examples are ground meats, sausages, roasts, and a whole chicken. These are cuts that will yield multiple servings and/or last for multiple meals.

Here are some ways we've made the most out of these cuts:

#3. Swap Between Simpler and Fancier Cuts.

This is such a great tip and one I had no idea about until I saw the truLOCAL TV episode! Irma suggests alternating your box contents between your staples (chicken breasts, ground meats, bacon, etc.) and fancier cuts (filet mignon, scallops, etc.). This way, you can keep your most-used products on hand and create more of a "value" box, and then also treat yourself to some more premium products you may not eat that regularly.

Want to see this in action? At around 3:15 in the episode, Irma shares two example boxes: a more value-based box, and a premium one. I love this since you can see the differences between the two and the approaches you can take to building your box.

There you have it: 3 ways to maximize your truLOCAL box! Subscribe to truLOCAL's YouTube channel for more helpful tips.

Article by: Kate Irwin

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Posted on June 20th, 2022