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Perfect way to start the day 🍳 🥓 🥑 #truLOCAL #ConnectingYouToTheSource #Repost . . . @training2xl “Breakfast of champions 🍽 . the first meal of the day should be a stacked one - packed with both macro- & micronutrients 👊🏼 . got some high quality sources of protein with eggs & @trulocal turkey bacon, avocado for fats & spinach for some colour & nutrients! . quality food (like @trulocal ) makes for a quality meal which makes for optimal performance throughout my day whether it’s filled with coaching, meetings, work or running the city 🏃🏻‍♀️ . what are you fuelling with this morning?”

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Thanks to @macgregors_meat_and_seafood, @organicoceanseafood, and @nimanranch for having us last night at Surf & Turf 2.0! 🍷🎣Great food, with even greater people—what more could we ask for?! #truLOCAL #ConnectingYouToTheSource

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truLOCAL - where sharing isn’t an option. 😹 #truLOCAL #ConnectingYouToTheSource #Repost . . . @yeg.menu “Even my cat wants @trulocal 😂 . Real talk, I was super excited to get my first box from @trulocal ! Next day delivery for truly local, high quality, Canadian proteins! I’m talkin bout free-run, grass fed, hormone free, locally farmed, ethically and humanely butchered products 😍 . The even cooler thing about @trulocal boxes is that their literally coolers. So if you’re not home to get it, everything stays frozen! Also you can customize your box to fit your liking with your preferred meat + fish products. . I’ll be posting some home made stuff once I dive into this box! (Which will be very soon😍)”

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