How a Regular Eating Routine Can Have a Big Impact

As any dietary specialist will tell you, one of the most important steps you can take toward improving your diet is simply to adopt a more regular eating routine.

As any dietary specialist will tell you, one of the most important steps you can take toward improving your diet is simply to adopt a more regular eating routine.

Most of us know what we should eat and what we should avoid, but it’s easy to wander into unhealthy habits when we aren’t monitoring what we eat carefully. A bit of chocolate as a treat here and there becomes a regular habit that adds thousands of calories to our intake every week, and before you know it you find it hard to go without.

A regular eating routine, on the other hand, helps you:

We at truLOCAL have seen first hand just how profound an impact a diet high in healthy, local whole foods can have when you make it part of your everyday routine. But if regularity is the key to a successful diet, just about everything in modern life conspires against it, which is one of the reasons we designed our fresh meat delivery service to be accessible to everyone.

If you want to know how truLOCAL can help you improve your lifestyle by connecting you straight to the source for great local meat in a convenient and effortless way, here are four of the main ways we make it easy to set up a regular healthy eating routine.

1. We Focus on Healthy Meat from Local Farms

At truLOCAL, we take food seriously. That’s why we partner with local farms in every province we work in to ensure that you’re getting beef, pork, chicken, and seafood that has been raised or caught in sustainable ways to guarantee the healthiest meat.

There is ample evidence showing that the conditions in which livestock is raised has a profound effect on how nutritious the end product is, which is why we offer quality meat like grass fed beef that has been scientifically proven to contain more nutrients than more conventional grain-finished beef.

For example, grass fed beef contains significantly more omega-3 fatty acids and has fewer calories, making it a good choice for people who want to lower their overall fat intake and lower their cholesterol.

Because we offer the best meat products available, our delivery service ensures that you always have stock of healthy, delicious ingredients on hand and aren’t tempted to pick up that fast, fatty burger on your way home from work.

2. Our Service is Reliable and Affordable

The chief benefit of a regular eating routine is that it helps you stick to your plan and keep yourself accountable to your larger health and fitness goals.

That means that if you want a food subscription service that’s going to help you do this, you need to go with a company that can deliver its products reliably. At truLOCAL, we have a proven track record of getting our famous meat boxes out to homes, apartments, cottages and offices across Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia on schedule month in and month out.

We offer bi- and tri-weekly or monthly delivery as part of our regular service, and we also make it possible to order one-off meat boxes delivered within a couple of days. And while we prioritize high quality and dependable service, shopping for meat doesn't have to be expensive when you choose truLOCAL — we offer our meat boxes at multiple price points that will work for any budget.

3. There’s Plenty of Variety

If there’s one drawback to having a regular eating routine, it’s that you run the risk of getting bored. When you’re just getting started, having rice, veggies, and chicken for lunch every day can feel comforting and familiar. But after a few weeks, you’ll be dying for something new, and if it isn’t readily available, your eating habits could start to stray.

When it comes to your diet, variety really is the spice of life, which is one of the reasons why we’ve designed our service to offer you the best selection of top quality meats from roasts, steaks, and whole chickens to artisanal sausages, seafood, and buffalo burgers.

4. Our Packaging is Environmentally Friendly

While subscription delivery services have become a popular way for people to shop for food in the twenty-first century, many people balk at the perceived waste involved in delivery services.

We understand that convenience shouldn’t come at a cost to the environment, which is why we use recyclable packaging in all of our deliveries, so that your truLOCAL fresh meat delivery box doesn’t end up adding more waste to a landfill somewhere.

Sustainable food is at the very heart of our mission, and in 2020 we took an important step toward reducing the amount of waste involved in our service. We are now proud to say that the Styrofoam coolers we used during our first years of operation have been replaced with cardboard and recyclable (or, depending on your location, compostable) inserts.

This means you can enjoy the same quality and convenience you’ve become accustomed to from truLOCAL, while knowing that your order is even more environmentally sustainable than it used to be.

As anyone who has made a major dietary change in their life knows, setting up a new routine and maintaining it for the first few weeks is the most difficult part.

By providing you with high quality local meat and ensuring that your next meat box is always waiting for you when you need it, we hope we can help make your commitment to healthier living easier to manage and easier to maintain.

Posted on March 16th, 2020