Treat Mom for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to show mom some appreciation. Try our tips and tricks for treating mom – from home.

Even though moms should be celebrated every single day for all they do, Mother’s Day is the one day a year to really show mom how much she means. New moms, moms of kids or teens, moms of adult children, moms with their kids living at home and those without – they all deserve a special day of recognition.

As most of us are confined to our households, typical visits, shopping trips, spa visits, or meals out aren’t a possibility like they have been in years past. With a bit of creativity, you can still show the mothers in your life the love – even from afar!

Pre-record messages or host a video call

Hosting a video call can be a great way to catch up, spend time together, and celebrate all the mothers in the family! Getting everyone together and online at the same time can be tricky – especially with a lot of households to coordinate. Pre-recorded messages from loved ones wishing mom a Happy Mother’s Day are a great way to spread the love without wearing thin on the wi-fi! Make it last all day – spread out the messages for the mother in your home or enlist dad’s help to share the heartfelt videos at various intervals throughout the day.

Create a relaxing atmosphere

Motherhood is busy. It can be stressful, overwhelming, and tiring – not to mention joyful and fulfilling! Having some time to step back from responsibility and relax is always welcome, especially on Mother’s Day. Set up an at-home spa day with a nice hot bath, a new nail polish, and a relaxing playlist – and keep the kids entertained outside! If the mom in your life isn’t the spa type, pick up some nice flowers to display at home, or facilitate a quiet environment for her to read, listen to a podcast, or just have an uninterrupted nap.

Have a nice meal at home

Have the kids help make breakfast in bed – bacon and eggs, pancakes, French toast – it’s the perfect time to go all out! Not big breakfast lovers? Prepare a nice dinner – you can order staples like meat online to avoid a trip out to the store. Mother’s Day is a great time to splurge on something special, like prime rib or a steak dinner. If you live apart from mom and are unable to visit, you can have a box of local meat delivered to her door – it’s dinner and a gift all in one!

No matter how you’re celebrating or where you celebrate from this year, we wish all the moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day.

Article by: Trish Carnahan

Posted on September 22nd, 2023