Partnership has its privileges.

truLOCAL gives you even more ways to partner up with some amazing offers.

Good partnerships make everyone involved that much stronger. We have partnered with some amazing people, (like investors from Dragon’s Den), suppliers (like local farmers), and other companies (like other food companies or even our shippers). Even our mission can be simplified as one big partnership between local farmers and suppliers offering the best meat and seafood and with the local consumers who want it. Consumers have better and more convenient options and local farmers are able to reach a broader audience. Everyone wins from great truLOCAL partnerships.

Introducing Partnership Perks - a way for our members to receive discounts or free products from companies that we love. So what are the perks? 

Partnership Perk Program

The new Partnership Perks program is an extension of our truLOCAL Rewards program but rather than giving our customers free meat from truLOCAL, we offer them access to discounts and free products from companies that partner with truLOCAL. There are no points to earn and any active customer has immediate access to the current perks. Does all this discount talk have you wondering what the current deals are right now? They change all the time so you will have to go check them out and keep checking back so you won’t miss any of our amazing Partner Perks.

How to see the current Partnership Perks

To access the Partner Perks page, head on over to your account page and find “Partner Perks” from the menu on the left. This will take you to a page that is full of discounts and other perks offered to you as a truLOCAL member. While you are on your account page, check out the "Manage Rewards" tab and see if you can redeem your truLOCAL Rewards points for some free products. The Rewards Program and the Partner Perks are two new ways for truLOCAL to say thank you to our loyal customers. 

Posted on March 17th, 2022