Meat Delivery A Major New Trend For Urban Professionals

Busy urban professionals are turning to fresh meat delivery options in unprecedented numbers due to the greater convenience and higher quality that providers like truLOCAL can offer. Visit the truLOCAL website and learn how the service works today!

Why Fresh Meat Delivery Is Perfect For Urban Professionals


In many ways, professionals living in Ontario’s large cities enjoy a standard of living that is the envy of the world — with excellent public services, exciting cultural institutions and some of the world’s most beautiful parks within driving distance, life can be very sweet indeed. But urban professionals are also facing a serious time crunch that can make it difficult to get the most out of everything Ontario has to offer. Studies have shown that the amount of time Canadians have for leisure activities is shrinking across the board, and for busy doctors, lawyers, professors, and bankers, this trend is even more pronounced. 


This is one of the reasons why delivery services like truLOCAL meat delivery are becoming so popular. While most cities have specialty butchers who source local meat, shopping from these locations often means making a special trip, and even the most dedicated ethical eaters may not want to spend hours hunting for the best meat available. With fresh meat delivery, however, they can have local meat brought straight to their door on a bi-weekly, tri-weekly, or monthly basis (it is also possible to have a delivery every six weeks, for those on a low-meat diet).


Another reason sustainable meat delivery services like truLOCAL have taken off has to do with a sea change in how Canadians relate to food. The latest data suggests that healthy eating is a major concern for all Canadians, with 72% of men and 80% of women saying that they try to eat healthy, and 49% saying that they feel guilty when they eat unhealthy foods. While eating meat is still an important part of many Canadians’ lifestyles, the growing awareness that sustainable meat that is antibiotic free with no added hormones is much healthier than more processed alternatives is leading to a resurgent interest in local meats and a more natural lifestyle.


With the truLOCAL service, however, you not only get the best quality of meat, you also have access to an impressive variety. If you want to learn about our product options simply start building your own custom box. You can fill it with whatever you want, from mouth-watering cuts like filet mignon, sirloin steak, prime rib roasts, cheese and leak chicken sausages, all of it raised right here in Ontario. And for those who want to make sure their meat has been sustainably raised, we have grass fed beef that will leave your mouth watering for more. 


If all this has you wanting to get started ordering your meat online, the first step couldn’t be easier — you can start building your box on our website today. Simply choose whether you want the Starter or Family box, select your cuts of meat and how frequently you would like the order to repeat, and sit back and wait for it to arrive. In most cases, you can expect to find a refrigerated box filled with your favourite meats sitting on your doorstep in under two days.


Canadian lifestyles are changing, and these changes are having a major impact on how people shop for food. As more Canadians opt to get through groceries through delivery services, truLOCAL is leading the way by providing a service that meets the needs of busy urban professionals across Ontario. Visit our website and start building your own custom meat box today!

Posted on June 20th, 2022