3 Reasons To Switch To Grass Fed Beef This Summer

truLOCAL’s delivery service makes it easier than ever to get premium best grass fed beef delivered straight to your door, no matter where in Ontario you live!

3 Reasons To Switch To Grass Fed Beef This Summer

When it comes to meat, one of the biggest trends in recent years has been the renewed interest in origins. People are realizing that where their meat comes from and how it is raised has a major impact on the final product, and this in turn is driving a desire for more naturally raised options. At the forefront of this change in food culture has been the turn to grass-fed beef, which has rapidly become one of the most sought-after product in specialty butcher shops.


But despite grass-fed beef’s growing popularity, it still not readily available everywhere, and may be difficult to find for shoppers who don’t have easy access to high-end meats. Fortunately, truLOCAL’s fresh meat delivery system makes getting grass-fed beef easy — so if you haven’t made the switch to grass-fed beef yet, here are some reasons to consider doing so: 


1. It’s Healthier

For most of human history, beef has been raised naturally, through grazing; it was only recently, with the rise of more industry-oriented approaches to farming, that most North American beef started to be raised on more processed kinds of feed. But while feedlots make it easier to raise large numbers of cattle cheaply, grass-fed beef is generally much healthier. Not only is it leaner, making it a smart choice for people watching their cholesterol, it is also richer in key nutrients, such as antioxidants and vitamins. 


One of the main reasons grass fed beef is becoming so popular is due to rising awareness of the health risks associated with eating certain kinds of animal fats. For those who want to enjoy delicious cuts of beef but also want to reduce their animal fat intake, grass-fed is the way to go.


2. It Tastes Better

When getting ready for a summer barbeque, the meat is the main attraction, and finding fresh cuts of beef that taste great the most important task. Because it is raised in a more natural way, grass-fed beef can help out in the taste department as well — when it comes to flavour, there is no comparison between grass-fed burgers and steaks and their feedlot-raised alternatives. The diet of grass-fed beef imparts a richer, more substantial flavour that more than makes up for its leanness and lower fat content.  


3. It’s Perfect For Barbequing

Packed with flavour and much healthier than feed-raised alternatives, grass-fed beef is also ideal for barbequing. If you really want to impress your friends and family this summer when you fire up the grill for a long weekend cookout, sticking with beef that has been raised in a natural way is guaranteed to have them lining up for seconds.


And with truLOCAL’s grass-fed steak delivery options, getting the best quality meat delivered to your home or cottage has never been easier. Instead of wasting time in the checkout line at grocery stores and butcher shops, you can have a box filled with grass-fed beef delivered right to your door. And because our meat boxes are customizable, you can also add chicken breasts, burgers, wild-caught fish or any other fresh truLOCAL meat that catches your eye. All of our meat is raised in Ontario, and is antibiotic free with no added hormones.  


It is no secret that Canadians love to grill, and now that summer is here, the smell of succulent barbeque billows out of backyards across the country. If you want to make your barbeque healthier, tastier, and more impressive this year, switch to grass-fed beef and order a custom meat box from truLOCAL today!

Posted on January 18th, 2023