Chicken Liver

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Locally raised in Coquitlam, BC, Legends Haul's chicken livers are loaded with vitamin B12, vitamin A, and iron. We love working with Legends Haul since they specialize in delivering consciously sourced products. Compared to beef livers, chicken livers are milder in flavour and don't have as much of a minerally edge. 

COOKING TIP: There are a few different routes you can take when cooking these. Then dredge them in flour and pan-fry them with a side of sautéed onions is route number one. Southern fried chicken livers are the second and if you're feeling a bit fancy, try making a chicken liver pate. While they are milder than beef livers, you don't have to soak them in milk before cooking, but you can if you want to take the slightly bitter edge off. 

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