Cheese Stuffed Beef Burgers

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The cheeseburger is an iconic staple of backyard grilling and for good reason - it’s creamy, gooey, and delicious. Cheese and hamburgers are one of those culinary combos that takes something great like a burger and makes it more decadent and taste even better. The problem can be in the timing - too late and its not melted, too early and it ends up coating the bottom of your barbecue. The answer is a cheese-stuffed burger. 


Our cheese-stuffed burgers come from Springvale Fine Foods, a multifamily community nestled in the Rosebud River Valley, just north of Rockyford, Alberta. Springvale wants the quality of their beef to speak for itself and only has four ingredients in their burgers: beef, mozzarella cheese, salt, and pepper. Grab these when you want a delicious cheeseburger but not the potential mess in your barbecue.


COOKING TIP: Burgers were made to be grilled and these delicious patties are no different. Grilling them adds a smokiness to their flavour but don’t overlook a pan-fried burger. Cooking in a heavy skillet forms an amazingly crispy crust on the outside that you just can’t get any other way. Preheat a heavy pan on medium high heat and carefully lay your thawed burgers into it. Cook for 3-5 minutes before flipping and cooking the other side for another 3-5 minutes or until the burger’s internal temperature reaches 165℉. We would not think less of you if you added additional cheese on top of the burger for the last two minutes - in fact, we totally support it. Once cooked, slide that burger into a toasted and buttered brioche bun and dress it with your favourite toppings.

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