Beef Jerky

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Oh jerky! Such a protein-packed kick of flavour without all the fuss of extra stuff like messy sauces, carb-heavy buns, or sides! It must be how astronauts eat, right? Well, maybe, but if it is, it’s not just astronauts. In fact, jerky has been made for centuries by drying out lean cuts of beef, but our friends at Two Rivers in North Vancouver have perfected the process. Their beef jerky starts with the highest quality lean beef that is raised with antibiotics or hormones, some simple spices, and then they smoke it until the flavour balance is just perfect. The result is a jerky that tastes amazing and has a chewy yet firm texture. It’s out of this world!

COOKING TIP: What cooking? There is no cooking needed with jerky - Two Rivers has done it all for you. You just thaw it and eat it. Jerky is the perfect protein-packed snack food, especially for those on the run. The only sides that we can think of are actually activities, not food. Jerky is perfect for hiking, fishing, or taking a road trip. The best part is that jerky has enough protein to keep you feeling full for a while. It might just be the perfect snack.

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