Pepperoni Sticks

  • 2 Pepperettes

The best things in life should be easy and the best snacks should be no different! We love snacks that have a ton of flavor and protein but don’t take any prep work. This pepperoni stick’s the perfect solution because delicious and it’s fully cooked so it’s ready to eat once thawed. Our pepperoni sticks are from Springvale Fine Foods, nestled in the Rosebud River Valley north of Rockyford, Alberta. Springvale raises their cattle with no added hormones or antibiotics in the most humane sustainable manner and exceeds all animal welfare practices. These fully-cooked snack sticks have the classic pepperoni flavor you’d expect with a mild heat that is almost more of a subtle after-taste. The satisfying texture, protein-packed flavor, and lack of prep work involved make this the perfect snack for when you are on the go (or just sitting at your desk).


COOKING TIP: Nothing. Nada. They’re fully cooked so once these beauties are thawed, they’re ready to be eaten. We love them so much that we defrost the whole bag in the fridge at once knowing that we will eat them all over the next week. If you need more time than that, first let us say that you have incredible willpower, but you could defrost them one at a time as you eat them. Grab a few for a road trip or a hike or just couch surfing.

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