Unsalted Grass Fed Organic Butter

  • 1 Package of Butter

This unsalted butter from MC dairy is a trade secret used by local professional bakers. The best chefs and bakers know that starting with the highest quality butter will really set a dish apart. What makes this butter so special? Well for starters the folks at MC dairy source local Ontario organic grass-fed jersey milk. Then they barrel churn it in small batches to form fresh butter. To make the fresh butter extra creamy, it's folded removing most of the water and whey. Each block is hand formed and beautifully stamped with a decorative flower before it’s wrapped and sealed. This butter is so smooth, sweet, and creamy, that it's hard to resist.

Organic grass-fed butter is naturally packed with health benefits too. It's full of heart-healthy vitamin K, thyroid and vision-supportive vitamin A, and an anticarcinogenic fat called CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). So ditch the fake stuff and stay away from margarine. Go ahead and enjoy a little pat of this creamy golden grass-fed organic butter on top of your truLOCAL meats. Not only is this butter, when consumed in moderation, great for you, but it's also incredibly delicious!


COOKING TIP: Unsalted butter is a must-have for both cooking and baking. We use it in baking to make cakes, cookies, pies and pastries. During the holidays, unsalted butter is essential for making the tastiest bread stuffing and golden crispy skin when roasting a turkey. We’ll be shipping this butter to you frozen on dry ice. You can store it frozen until ready to consume. Thaw this unsalted butter in the fridge, and once opened, for best results consume it within about 2 weeks.

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