• 1 Brisket

Brimming with sweet, rich flavour, briskets come from a steer's chest. They're large, juicy cuts with lots of marbling that are often used to make corned beef, pastrami, or in Texas-style barbecue. This brisket is from our friends at West Grey Premium Beef, located just north of Kitchener, Ontario.

COOKING TIP: Patience is the most important ingredient to a good brisket. Trust us, it's worth the wait to let the connective tissues break down leaving you with buttery, tender meat. You can also turn it into corned beef or pastrami if you're feeling extra patient and have time to plan ahead (we're talking about a 5 to 10-day brine). If you choose the smoker method, save the crust. You'll want to chop it up into cubes and mix it with your favourite BBQ sauce and voila! Burnt ends.

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