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If your website is all about healthy living, supporting local or cooking with top quality products, then we may be the perfect pair! You can feel good about the products you are recommending to your readers, and easily earn commission at the same time. is the top online resource for Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia where shoppers can support local farms, eat high quality meat, and have it all delivered right to their door. With over 40 products available including 100% grass fed beef, wild caught Alaskan sockeye salmon and boneless skinless chicken thighs, there’s truly something for everyone!


truLOCAL affiliates can earn 10% on all new customer accounts that are referred to from a link placed on your site. You are paid commission when the new customer signs up for truLOCAL and orders their first box. Best of all, visits are tracked for 30 days, so if they come back a couple weeks later you’re still paid! With our most popular box priced at $259, your commissions add up fast!

The truLOCAL Affiliate Program is managed through ShareASale affiliate program software. The easy-to-use platform offers you 24-hour access to reporting and creative, including ad banners and text links.

How do you use the affiliate links?

Whether you prefer using one of our supplied banners on your webpage, integrating the link in a recipe or blog post, or doing a review of the product on your social channels, your affiliate link will be credited the sale! Just make sure to use your personalized truLOCAL link from ShareaSale when posting about us.


Just complete the simple application form through ShareASale and we will get back to you ASAP!

Competitive commission rate of 10% on EVERY new customer's first purchase that comes from your site

30-day cookie window

Average order size of $259 (That's $25 in commission PER customer!)

Free shipping for all orders

Top quality products from suppliers you can be proud of


is currently operating out of
Ontario, Alberta & British Columbia!


For questions about our Affiliate Program, contact our affiliate program manager at:


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We faced the fire and pitched in the Den, and we made a deal with a dragon.

"What we feel like we've done is we've actually found a perfect niche, for people who are looking for high-quality meat, they care where it's coming from, and they don't want all the bells and whistles."

Marc Lafleur

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If you have a website focused on health, fitness, shopping local, or cooking with top quality meat ingredients (or if you just LOVE bacon as much as we do!), truLOCAL may be a great fit with your content.



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