Going to the Cottage? Make Your Holiday Exceptional With truLOCAL

What better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than with a trip to the cottage? Whether you’re going for a week or a weekend, escaping the daily grind of the city for the rejuvenating quiet of the great outdoors is one of the best parts about summer in Canada. No wonder a trip to the cottage is considered to be one of the great Canadian traditions!

What better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than with a trip to the cottage? Whether you’re going for a week or a weekend, escaping the daily grind of the city for the rejuvenating quiet of the great outdoors is one of the best parts about summer in Canada. No wonder a trip to the cottage is considered to be one of the great Canadian traditions!

But cottage trips — especially early in the season — take a bit of careful planning if they are to succeed. Not only do you need to time the trip to avoid getting caught in traffic and bring the necessary essentials like extra gas or a back-up generator in case the power goes out, it is important to ensure you are prepared for any possible emergency, as accidents and severe weather events can be deadly so far from a hospital. 

You also need to worry about more prosaic things, as well — for example, how you’re going to feed everyone. One of the things that makes going to the cottage so special is the fact that it really is an opportunity to get away from it all. But that also means that you often need to stock up on all the food you need before you leave the city.   

If you want to enjoy all the best parts of going up to the cottage this summer, but want to make it as hassle-free as possible, here are four reasons why mail order meat from truLOCAL may be the perfect solution to your problem.

1. We Deliver Direct to Homes Across Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, and Alberta

Let’s face it: one of the problems with most food delivery services is that they operate in a very limited area. If you live in a city, you have dozens of options, from meal kits that deliver pre-prepared ingredients to your home to online food delivery apps that pick up hot food from restaurants. But once you’re outside of the large urban centres, your options are significantly more limited.

One of the things that makes our meat delivery service so popular is that we deliver just about everywhere the mail goes. This means that we can deliver your meat box straight to your door within two days. If you want to make sure that you have enough beef striploin steak to go around, all you have to do is place your order the week before and your meat will be delivered when you want it to arrive.

Because we deliver all our orders as individually packaged cuts in refrigerated boxes, you can get your entire holiday supply of meat delivered to your front door ready-to-go for the weekend. And because we use dry ice to refrigerate our products, your meat will keep all day and the ice won’t leave a puddle as it melts. This is perfect for cottage weekends, because it means you can arrange to have your meat box delivered the week before you go so you can enjoy your favourite striploin steak recipe the night you arrive.

We offer two delivery box sizes, so you can customize your order to fit the size of your party, and if you need to order more than one box you have the option to do so. With truLOCAL, getting away from the city while still enjoying the best parts of city life has never been easier.

2. truLOCAL Offers Variety

At truLOCAL, we’ve worked hard to make sure that our fresh meat delivery service is convenient for people even in parts of Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia that are off the beaten path. But we’ve also worked hard to guarantee that this convenience doesn’t come at the cost of quality or variety.

We offer a huge selection of different cuts of beef, pork, and chicken, as well as wild-caught fish and shrimp. Just about anything you could find at your local butcher is available for order through truLOCAL, and in some provinces we even offer more exotic options like buffalo and scallops. This means that whether you are looking for grass fed bacon without nitrates and sugar or wild caught salmon, you can have it included in your truLOCAL order. And because we work closely with local farmers in sourcing all of our meat, we have new and seasonal products becoming available regularly. 

While many of our most popular products like steaks, pork chops, and ground beef come in convenient pre-packaged portions, we also offer larger cuts as well, including whole chickens, grass fed rump roasts, black forest hams, BBQ pork loin roasts, prime rib roasts, lamb shanks, and pork shoulder roasts. These make perfect cottage options, as they feed lots of people and can be cooked either in an oven or over a grill.

We also carry pre-prepared burgers, marinated chicken breasts, chicken wings, and sausages — and, of course, those old barbecue favourites, pork back and side ribs — so if you want a quick, simple favourite that you can enjoy within minutes, you can make up an order of cottage favourites that will arrive grill-ready.  

If you are hankering to try out your favourite sticky Korean pork chops recipe at the cottage this summer and want to make sure that the meat you’re cooking with is of the highest possible standard, truLOCAL can make sure that by the time you pull into your driveway, there is a refrigerated box filled with local pork chops just waiting for your favourite marinade.

Check out our website today to explore the different meats we have available for inclusion in your meat box. Remember, we are constantly updating our offerings, so even if you are already a truLOCAL customer, the new options we have available this month may surprise you!

3. All of our Meat is Sourced Through Local Farms and Suppliers

Perhaps the most distinctive thing about the truLOCAL fresh meat delivery service, however, is the fact that we partner with local farmers in each of the provinces where we operate to source sustainably-raised, artisanal cuts that are good for you and good for the planet.

Because it is so energy-intensive, industrial cattle farming is a contributing factor to climate change. Cattle are shipped long distances, are often fed on industrially farmed corn and grain, and then are shipped again to slaughterhouses before being packaged and shipped, yet again, to customers.

If you want to put more sustainable meat on your plate, you don’t actually have to introduce significant changes into your diet: all you need to do is try to source your ingredients from in-province farms that use more artisanal methods and agricultural practices when raising livestock. Choosing locally raised meat is a much greener approach, and ordering local steaks as part of your meat delivery box is a great way to ensure that your holiday is an environmentally friendly one.

We believe not only that local food is better for the environment, but that it tastes better as well: cows that have been raised with the opportunity to get regular exercise and who have spent part of their life or all of it eating pasturage and grasses are going to produce healthier, better-tasting meat.

For this reason, we work with local farmers whose commitment to sustainable local food matches our own. We also provide transparency around which farms we work with on our website, so that you can see exactly where your beef, pork, and chicken is coming from.

When it comes to seafood, we believe it is important to support companies and individuals who are committed to sustainable fisheries. Over the years, overfishing has become a major concern both in the Atlantic and the Pacific, and ensuring that the grilled salmon fillets served today aren’t jeopardizing the long-term viability of the species is important to us.

This is why we work with companies like Organic Ocean Seafood in British Columbia and Caudle’s Catch in Ontario to provide you with wild-caught fish that has been harvested in environmentally friendly and sustainable ways.

If you want to support local meat and want to know more about our philosophy, learn more today about how the service works and who our partners are on our website, or start your first order and find out for yourself why so many truLOCAL customers swear by our service and products. 

4. Flexible Delivery Options

Perhaps the most convenient thing about truLOCAL’s fresh meat delivery service, however, is the range of flexible delivery options we provide. Unlike other delivery services, which require you to sign a contract or agree to a minimum number of deliveries per month, truLOCAL lets you order what you want, when you want it. We also make it easy to change where your regular order is delivered, or to make special one-time deliveries.

If you are happy shopping for meat at your local butcher but simply want to save the hassle of shopping ahead for your cottage weekend, you can build a single order and have it delivered with no strings attached. Or perhaps you aren’t much of a meat eater yourself, but you want to make sure that your guests have the grilling cuts they crave on hand — there is absolutely no pressure or requirement to order more than you want for your holiday.

But while one-time orders can be a great way to make sure your cottage weekend is well supplied with fresh local meat, most of our customers opt for our regular subscription. This allows you to have a meat box delivered straight to your door every two weeks, three weeks, or monthly, and allows you to set a repeating order so you always have a good stock of your favourite meats.

If you have a regular order set up with truLOCAL already, but want to deliver to another address in the regions where we offer delivery, changing it is easy! Just get in touch with us and let us know where you would like your delivery sent, and we can make sure that you get your same favourite meats delivered to the address of a friend or family member.

Few parts of Canadian summer life are as anticipated as that first cottage weekend, and as all good Canadians know, nothing goes with lakeside living like meat seared over glowing coals. Barbecue is a proud Canadian tradition, so why not make sure you’re grilling the best local Canadian meat while you kick back and enjoy the cottage this year?

When you shop for meat through truLOCAL, you aren’t just getting convenience, and you aren’t just getting quality (though we do provide our customers with some of the best Canadian meats available anywhere). You are also supporting a greener, more environmentally friendly approach to meat in this country.

Patronizing local farms and suppliers, and choosing to eat local meats, is an important way to support farmers who are committed to finding more sustainable ways to do agriculture. When you do so, you are helping ensure that your province will continue to be home to a thriving economy and a healthy food system for decades to come.  

So this summer, why not make preparation for your cottage trip easier this summer by having a cottage-ready meat box delivered to your home this summer through truLOCAL’s fresh meat delivery service? With lots of mouth-watering options from truLOCAL available at the click of a finger, shopping for food for the first big cottage holiday of the year has never been easier.    

Posted on September 22nd, 2023