How to Organize Your Freezer

Keeping your freezer organized can feel like an almost insurmountable task. From oddly shaped packages to things you forgot you bought, sometimes opening up the freezer door can be scary. We’ve put together our favourite tips for keeping things neat and tidy, so prepping for mealtime will always be a breeze!

Whether your freezer is currently overflowing, and you brace for impact before you open the door, or it’s currently bare and waiting to be filled with locally sourced meats you ordered online, keeping your freezer organized is important.

Clean, organized spaces can help contribute to a calm mindset and increased productivity – knowing where everything is when you need it is a timesaver! Try our tried and true tips for keeping your freezer space organized – you can use them for the rest of the kitchen, too!

1. First in, first out

If you’ve ever worked in food service, you’ve probably heard of this oft-preached rule. While frozen goods aren’t likely to expire, it can be handy to know which items in the freezer are oldest, especially if you typically stock up on similar items. This can help with peace of mind – you’ll never have to guess which items to grab out of the freezer! It may even help with meal inspiration – you can build a dish around whatever’s up next. Take this tip to the next level – write the date purchased on the packaging with a permanent marker to reduce ambiguity.

2. Keep similar shapes together

Items of a similar size and shape tend to stack well together. If you’ve ordered chicken breast, ground beef, and a roast, try to stack each cut with other like items. This will reduce the risk of product falling out of the freezer when the door is opened, and it makes it easier to grab and go when thawing something for a meal. Level up by inserting plastic bins into the freezer – once your shopping is done, it’s easy to pop each item into its designated spot.

3. Purchase smaller packages

It goes without saying that larger packages are harder to store – especially with limited space. If you order with truLOCAL, not only do you get individually vacuum sealed portions that are easy to pop in the freezer, the orders are smaller and more frequent – so you’re not left wondering where to store months’ worth of food.

Article by:

Trish Carnahan

Posted on January 18th, 2023