It’s not just a thermometer, it’s a thermom-MEATER!

I have to tell you about my favourite new smart device that I recently added to my kitchen. It is more than just a digital meat thermometer - I've had a few of those over the years and, despite their usefulness, I’ve never felt compelled to write a blog about them. This is a smart thermometer called MEATER and it is even smarter than I am when it comes to cooking meat.

MEATER - what is it?

You likely have a meat thermometer in your kitchen already. It is an important tool for cooking because it is the only reliable way to know the internal temperature of anything you are cooking. That means that every steak will be perfect and every piece of poultry will be safe to eat. At first glance, one might assume that the MEATER is just another meat thermometer but it is so much more.

The whole unboxing experience was pretty amazing and the product is very well designed and built. It is definitely thicker than other probes so it won’t easily bend or break. It arrives in a cradle made of beautiful bamboo, which is also the probe’s charging station, that has embedded magnets so it can stick to the side of your fridge. Every aspect of the device is designed well from the super-smart technology within it, to the secret meat puns that you only see if you take the shipping box apart to flat recycle it.

Is it just another meat thermometer?

In its basic function, this probe-style thermometer is used similar to traditional probes: stick it in the meat and it tells you the temperature. It has Bluetooth and wifi connectivity so you don’t have to be standing right there to get a temperature update. Like some other digital thermometers, it has an app that lets you pick the type of meat and temperature preference (more on how the app later) and notifies you when it hits a specified temperature. But MEATER goes way beyond those basic features.

Truly wireless

It is pretty obvious when you see the device that it does not have any wires. No wires connected to the probe or even to power the charging station. A complete lack of wires comes as great relief to anyone who has tried to cook six different steaks with six different wired probes and ended up with all six wires in a tangled mess. It also opens options of using it while cooking with specialty devices where wires would make it impossible like rotisserie or sou vide. The rotations of a rotisserie ensure even cooking of larger cuts of meat but a wireless MEATER has no wire to tangle. Sous vide cooking, where food is placed in a vacuum-sealed bag and heated in hot water, would not be possible with a traditional thermometer because the wire would make a vacuum seal impossible. The MEATER can go right in the bag and be vacuum-sealed along with the meat.

Designed beautifully

I know that I already mentioned this but the design of this thermometer goes way beyond what traditional thermometers have. MEATER has taken a page from Apple’s book and designed an object that functions better than the competition but is also well-designed and beautiful. Even the wireless charging dock looks nice enough to not look out of place sitting on your countertop or affixed to the side of your fridge. The probe itself is made of stainless steel and ceramic and I have to assume some sort of advanced alien technology (just kidding about the aliens) with two temperature sensors.

Why it is better?

Yes, your old thermometer had a temperature alarm and likely hooked up to your phone so you could do a quick temp check from your couch but MEATER is BETTER. The app is intuitive and easy to use and has a large display so you can easily see the information you need for the perfect steak. Each MEATER has two thermometers in one probe so that it can read the internal temperature of the meat and the ambient temperature of the oven, barbecue, smoker, air fryer, or whatever else you use to cook meat. Knowing both temperatures allows the MEATER to calculate the remaining cooking time and even notify you when to remove the meat from the heat to let the temperature slowly rise as it rests. It is a major jump ahead of the technology of traditional probe thermometers.

So easy to use

Being smart is only good if the device is easy to use. The MEATER easily recharges every time you store it in the bamboo storage station which is powered by a single AAA battery. The free MEATER app makes cooking the perfect steak, roast, or other meat incredibly easy. It calculates the time remaining until the meat is cooked exactly how you like it. That's all impressive but the easiest part about MEATER is that it is dishwasher safe so cleaning up (and sanitizing) is easy and convenient. Both of my old instant-read probe and multi-probe unit state that the wires and electronics could be damaged if they get wet and the MEATER is able to go in the dishwasher! Big upgrade.

How to get a MEATER of your own

If you would like a MEATER of your own, truLOCAL can help. MEATER discounts are now available on the truLOCAL Partner Perks page. Us the promo code TRULOCAL to receive 10% off your first purchase of products on Buy yours today to make sure that you never have to eat overcooked meat again.

Recommended truLOCAL meat to cook with your new MEATER

Although the MEATER is great for cooking any cut of meat, it truly shines in 3 specific types of meat: rotisserie-cooked meats like whole chickens, roasts, and steaks. As mentioned, MEATER is perfect for rotisserie cooking a whole chicken because there is no wire to get in the way of the rotations. This means that you can perfectly cook a rotisserie chicken and know how long it will take to cook without having to open the barbecue lid (which lets the heat or smoke escape) and use a probe thermometer every couple of minutes. The MEATER excels at big cuts of meat, like sirloin tip roasts, because there is no way to know what temperature the centre of a thick roast is without a thermometer and, again, the double temp reads mean that it can estimate the remaining time left until it is perfectly done. Although not everyone agrees on how a steak should be cooked from rare to well-done, everyone would agree that their way is the only perfect way to eat a steak (and any other level of doneness produces something inedible). Now you can get a perfectly cooked steak every time. MEATER makes cooking the perfect striploin easy and produces the perfect steak every time.

Enough of me babbling about how much I personally enjoy cooking with my thermom-MEATER. You should stop reading and go get your own with a 10% off truLOCAL discount by using the TRULOCAL promo code on your own MEATER. You’ll enjoy your truLOCAL meat more when it’s perfectly cooked because, like my bumper sticker says, life’s too short for overcooked meat.

Article by: Steven Tippin

Posted on January 29th, 2024