Lemon Pepper Marinated Chicken Breasts

  • 2 Breasts

We are a huge fan of Townsend Butchers' boneless, skinless chicken breasts for so many reasons. Their chickens are locally raised in Simcoe, ON and they air chill their chicken breasts rather than water chill them. Why does this matter? Water chilling can cause chicken breasts to retain extra water, which is why they tend to shrink during cooking. Not these breasts though. These lean chicken breasts are coated in a refreshing lemon pepper marinade with hints of paprika and rosemary making them a mealtime staple.

COOKING TIP: Luckily for you, our friends at Townsend Butchers have cut down your prep time. These lemon pepper marinated chicken breasts are ready for some heat! They're easy-going and will be delicious basically anyway you cook them - grill them, bake them, or toss them on a pan. Go for a side of sautéed spinach if you're opting for a stovetop dish or choose leeks if your grill is already on.

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