Prepared Pulled Chicken in BBQ Sauce

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Is there anything better than eating a pulled chicken sandwich while sitting in the hot sun? Nothing says summer to us more than that but who has the time to slow-cook and shred chicken? Simplify your life with truLOCAL’s pulled chicken. It’s precooked and seasoned so you only have to heat it up. Our truLOCAL pulled chicken was prepared for us by NUVO Taste who were more than happy to spend a day slow cooking the chicken so that you don’t have to. It’s made in small batches with local artisanal chicken raised without the use of antibiotics. Chicken is lower in fat than pork or beef so we feel lighter after eating pulledchicken and love that chicken is more versatile - it can be used in a pulled chicken sandwich, tacos, salads, nachos, or an omelette.

COOKING TIPS: Remember that it’s already fully cooked so you just have to heat it up. We recommend submerging the bag in simmering water for 30-35 minutes straight from your freezer or 10-15 minutes if pre-thawed. Once heated, you can choose which way you want to serve it. You could go minimal and serve it on a bun, in a tortilla, or on pasta. Or you could go more advanced and use it to top a tossed salad, nachos, or poutine. Consume within 3 days after thawing

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