Organic Peas

  • 1 Package of Organic Peas

These Grade A organic frozen green peas from a Canadian-based company called Green Organic Vegetables were grown right here in Ontario! They are juicy, plump, and full of delicious flavour. Green Organic is dedicated to producing 100% certified organic produce that is carefully picked by hand before being blanched and flash frozen within hours after harvest. Organic veggies taste better than conventional, because they haven't’ been sprayed with yucky stuff like chemical pesticides. These frozen peas taste great, are grown in harmony with the environment, and are a healthy and nutritious addition to your diet. A half a cup of green peas are packed with an impressive 4 grams of both protein and fiber and just about every essential vitamin and mineral. Peas are technically a legume, not a vegetable, which makes them more nutrient dense, similar to chickpeas or black beans.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Green peas are one of our favourite ingredients and kids love them too. They are so simple to prepare, you can quickly reheat them on the stove top or microwave and add a pat of butter for a quick side that pairs well with any protein. We love to make Indian peas pulao (a tasty rice dish) with fresh garden mint and cilantro, and we like to throw peas into soups and stews. Pasta carbonara is one of our favourite dishes because peas, bacon, and creamy pasta are a match made in heaven.

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