Dry Salami

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This Mild Dry Salami is carefully crafted by our friends at Wagener's Meats located in Etobicoke Ontario. Since 1966 the folks at Wagener's have been using the same traditional method of curing and smoking meats to preserve them. Containing local Ontario pork and just a hint of salt and spice this salami is suitable for even the pickiest eater. The combination of dry curing with hardwood smoke yields a unique chewy texture and complex flavour that is meaty, slightly tart and smoky all at the same time. 

Serving Suggestions: This shelf stable product does not need any refrigeration. You will get them in your regular frozen box, simply remove the salami and store in a cool dry area until ready to consume. Once opened, the product is best stored refrigerated or they will continue to dry out. We suggest including these on your next road trip or weekend adventure, and when you are back from climbing that mountain or exploring those rivers and lakes, store a pack of these in your purse or gym bag for the perfect mid-week on-the-go protein snack.

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