Bison Bites

  • 1 Package of Bison Bites

Introducing Bison Bites by Saskatchewan-based Meat Chops, owned by the one and only Chelsea Parker, an avid motorbiker and leatherworker. Chelsea was inspired by the respectful and sustainable indigenous traditions of utilizing the whole animal for nourishment, sustenance, and clothing. In her shop, she works with bison skins to make her leather creations and decided to partner with Canadian Rangeland Ranchers to create this incredibly satisfying snack. 100% sustainably, and regeneratively raised grass fed Canadian prairie bison meat is humanely harvested in a facility designed by Temple Grandin, a famed animal behaviorist. These bite sized tender morsels of lean bison meat are seasoned simply without any preservatives, additives, or artificial stuff. If you love a good chew, and often get a case of the hangries in the afternoon, Meat Chops Bison Bites will be your new BFF! WIth 7 grams of protein and only 1.5g grams of fat, these snacks should comply with even the strictest eating plans and philosophies.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Nothing, just rip’em open! They’re ready when you are! We’ll be shipping these Bison Bites as part of your regular subscription box, so they’ll freeze in transit. No need to keep them cool, let them come up to room temperature before snacking. Toss the cute black package in your purse, gym bag, car, or kids lunch! 

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