• 1 Package of Gravy

This rich and silky gravy is way better than your average grocery store dry seasoning pouch. Our friends at Carbon Bar, a Queen St. restaurant in downtown Toronto, have whipped up this beef and chicken gravy and packaged it into 500ml pouches for truLOCAL. They start this gravy the classic french way, by making a roux. To make roux, you add flour to melted butter, and cook to develop a nutty toasted flavour before adding stock. Life’s too short for thin and lumpy gravy. Stash a pouch of this Carbon Bar gravy in your freezer for convenient reheating anytime you crave fries and mashed potatoes with your truLOCAL haul.

COOKING TIP: The gravy is vacuum packaged in a thin pouch, which makes it super easy to thaw under running water. Once thawed, reheat the gravy in a small sauce pan, whisking occasionally until its 165°F(74°C). Gravy goes great with so many things! From mashed potatoes to poutine, this gravy pairs well with many of your fave trulocal roasts, steaks, and chops. Growing up, we loved hot roast beef sandwiches. If you’ve got leftover roast turkey, chicken, pork or beef, slice it thin, heat it up, and slap it on some white bread and cover it in this Carbon Bar gravy. It's the ultimate cold weather comfort food. 

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