truLOCAL Loves Switch Grocery!

Introducing SwitchGrocery: The Perfect Place to Shop for High-Quality, Low-Carb Products

truLOCAL Loves Switch Grocery!


Introducing SwitchGrocery: The Perfect Place to Shop for High-Quality, Low-Carb Products

At truLOCAL, we believe that food should not only taste great but also be good for you, whether that’s with high quality locally sourced meats or the other parts of your grocery basket. That's why we're excited to introduce you to SwitchGrocery, a company that shares our values and is dedicated to making it easier for people to live a healthier lifestyle.

What is SwitchGrocery?

SwitchGrocery is a highly curated Canadian online grocery store, offering unique and healthier food products that you can’t find anywhere else. Their mission is to provide an alternative grocery store experience to Canadians by curating low-carb, no sugar added, gluten-free, and healthy products from small to mid-size suppliers.


What makes SwitchGrocery stand out?

One of the unique aspects of SwitchGrocery is their rule that they don’t carry a food unless someone on their team eats it at home.

SwitchGrocery is also the exclusive Canadian retailer for many of their US suppliers. This means that they offer products that you won't find anywhere else in Canada, like Burlap and Barrel's high-quality, single-origin spices that can literally change the taste of your food (Seriously, they are a game changer for spicing up your meat game).

A few of our favourites are: Kaizen High Protein Low Carb Pasta, made with lupin flour or for the dairy-free coffee and latte lovers, try JOI nut milk.

Looking for some delicious protein pairings? Consider trying Vancouver Island Sea Salts, Abokichi and Buster Rhinos with your favourite meats for delicious flavours.


Join the Switch Community

SwitchGrocery has a weekly live show where they cook, taste, and interview suppliers and others in the industry on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram! Speaking of this, if you’re not following SwitchGrocery on those platforms, you’re missing out!

Just like truLOCAL, SwitchGrocery focuses on packaging. They refuse to ship air and use only post-consumer recycled packaging.

They also have an active Facebook group called The Switchers that you can join to talk about food and help SwitchGrocery decide what foods to add next!


What do customers have to say about SwitchGrocery?

“SwitchGrocery is a lifesaver for those of us who are gluten-free and trying to eat healthy. They have an amazing selection of products and everything I've tried has been delicious. I love that I can trust that everything is gluten-free and good for me.” 


 “ I'm not on any specific diet, but I love SwitchGrocery because they have so many unique and healthy products that you can't find anywhere else. Their customer service is also amazing - they're always happy to answer any questions and make recommendations.”


Our Final Thoughts on SwitchGrocery

SwitchGrocery and truLOCAL each fill a different part of your grocery basket, with truLOCAL focusing on high-quality locally sourced meats and SwitchGrocery specialising in high-quality low-carb or sugar free products that complement each other perfectly, whether that’s new spices, a low carb pasta or delicious snacks between meals!

So, whether you have dietary restrictions or are just looking for healthier food options, SwitchGrocery has got you covered. Try them out and see why they are Canada's best alternative online grocery store… we are sure you will love them as much as we do!

Posted on April 19th, 2023