For An Ethical, Sustainable Alternative, Eat Grass Fed Beef

The grass fed beef trend is sweeping Ontario, and if you want high quality, locally raised meat that is more nutritious than mass farmed alternatives, with truLOCAL’s delivery system you can have custom grocery boxes delivered to your door.

What Is Grass Fed Beef, And Why Is It So Popular?


If you are a fan of fresh, Canadian-raised meat, you’re probably aware that over the past few years grass fed beef has become a massively popular trend. A number of different factors have influenced the grass fed craze, but much of the current enthusiasm for this more natural and sustainable approach has been fuelled by greater consumer awareness of the problems that come with the feedlot system. As North Americans have become more sceptical of industrial meat, many are turning to grass fed beef as more wholesome, healthy, and humane alternative.


For shoppers who care about where their beef comes from and how it is raised, the increasing availability of grass fed beef has been a positive development. It is now easier than ever to gain access to high quality, locally raised, grass fed beef, and with services like truLOCAL meat delivery you can even have it brought to your door in one of our monthly meat boxes.


For a long time, much of the readily available grass fed beef in North America actually had to be imported, which was cause for concern among consumers torn between the desire to support local producers and the urge to buy grass fed. Through truLOCAL, it is now possible to get the best of both worlds and purchase grass fed beef that was raised right here in Ontario.


If you want more information, check out the FAQs about our services to learn more about our products and our flexible delivery process. The truLOCAL service is built around offering regular consumers across Ontario the most seamless grocery shopping experience possible, and with our custom meat boxes you can order all of your meat for the month through our website. Simply select the size of box you would like (the small box, designed for one person, contains up to 18 individually packaged items, while the regular box contains up to 40), and use our intuitive points system to select the contents of your order. In addition to grass fed ground beef, striploin steaks, and bone broth, there are also a host of other products, including whole chickens, pork tenderloin, bacon, gourmet sausages, and even buffalo burgers. If you want to get a broad sample of meats, you can simply choose one of our pre-selected boxes for an assortment of fan favourites.


If you have been thinking about switching over to a grass fed beef diet but haven’t been sure how to do so, truLOCAL provides the best way to have grass fed beef shipped to your home so that you can enjoy the most sustainable, healthy, and environmentally friendly meat on the market without having to go searching through speciality shops or high end butchers. If you want to improve your diet by eating more nutritious meat, support local farmers, and be part of the sustainable meat revolution, truLOCAL’s fresh meat delivery service makes doing so affordable and easy.

Posted on September 14th, 2018