Get The Best Local Meat Delivered Straight To Your Door

With truLOCAL’s service, get a refrigerated box of the best steaks, chicken, pork, buffalo and fish from Ontario producers delivered to your door.

Fresh Meat Delivery Makes Quality Meat More Accessible Than Ever


When it comes to buying meat, most of us want to make sure that the product we are getting is fresh, local, and sustainably raised. Not only does this make a huge difference in flavour, it is also essential to developing a healthy diet and lifestyle in the 21st century.


But for meat lovers who want to embrace a healthy diet and support sustainable agriculture, it can be difficult to find good, dependably accessible options — especially in the city. The options that do exist are often high-end butchers that can be expensive and difficult to get to, which is why many consumers who would otherwise consider switching to healthier providers feel that eating good meat is simply too much of a hassle.


This is where fresh meat delivery services from truLOCAL come in: with truLOCAL, shoppers across Ontario can have fresh, high quality meat delivered straight to their home anywhere in the province. TruLOCAL only works with the best local farms and fisheries, and all of truLOCAL’s products are antibiotic free and have no added hormones. With our fresh meat delivery service, anyone can access the best quality Ontario meat simply by going on their computer or phone and placing an order.


So, how does it work?

Say you want to get steaks delivered to your home, and you want to make sure they are from a local Ontario operation that prioritizes sustainable farming practices. The first thing you need to do is go to truLOCAL’s website and start building your meal box. Our meal boxes come in two sizes, perfect for an individual order or a larger group order, and are available at a standard price.


Once you’ve selected your box size, you have a set number of points you can use to build your box from our list of products. If you want to get high quality steaks delivered to your door you can choose between sirloin, striploin, ribeye, skirt, and buffalo. Alternatively, you can mix and match between steaks and ground beef, sausages, chicken, lamb, stewing buffalo, turkey, high quality grass fed beef and wild caught fish. Once you’ve used your points to fill your order, you can decide how frequently you want it to repeat, or you can simply opt to have a one-time order. Either way, your box will be sitting on your doorstep within two days. 

When living a modern, busy life, it can be difficult to ensure you are at home when your order arrives, which is why truLOCAL delivers all of its orders in refrigerated boxes, to make sure that the meat will stay cold all day. We can also make arrangements to leave boxes with concierges, or have them delivered to offices or gyms if that is more convenient.


It is clear that when it comes to food, Canadians are hungry for options that deliver quality, sustainability and convenience. A recent study conducted by CBD Marketing showed that younger consumers especially are the most interested in eating good, healthy food, and also tend to be much more knowledgeable about what a healthy diet looks like. If you want to improve the quality of meat you are eating, discover how truLOCAL’s fresh meat delivery system can bring the healthiest, best-tasting Ontario meat straight to your door!

Posted on February 2nd, 2022