truLOCAL launches new snack category.

If you crave chewy, smoky, protein-packed, grab-and-go snacks, truLOCAL has you covered.

Picture this: it’s three in the afternoon, you’re heading home after the gym and you’re beyond hungry. What do you do? If you eat something carb-based, you’ll be bloated all day and hungry again in less than an hour. If you grab something sweet, your energy will spike and crash. Everything else just takes too long. You want protein to keep you full but you want it to be fast and you want it to be tasty.

New food category added to truLOCAL!

The above scenario wouldn’t be a problem if you added our new meat sticks to your truLOCAL meat delivery. That's right! truLOCAL is getting into the snack game! We asked our customers what they wanted us to add to truLOCAL and the response was loud and clear. You want more “grab-and-go snacks” and “more unique game meat options” and we found the best! In fact, we added a whole new section of fully cooked, high-protein snacks to truLOCAL. We have always delivered premium frozen meat like chicken, beef, pork, and fish right to your front door and now we ship snacks too! 

New products and suppliers too!

To celebrate the addition of a completely new category of food to truLOCAL, we are adding new local suppliers and new products of deli-style snacks to our marketplace. These products are created by small-batch Canadian artisans who take pride in using traditional methods of preservation such as fermentation, curing, and smoking, instead of filling their products with nitrates and other chemicals like other snacks do. 

We are proud to launch 3 new snack sticks from Stemmler Meats, located in Heidelberg, Ontario. Their award-winning meat sticks are shorter than the Atwood sticks but you get way more of them in a pack. We are adding Stemmler’s mild, honey garlic, and turkey meat sticks that are all fully cooked, smoked, and cured with just the right hit of spice. They're the perfect option packed in school lunches, enjoyed as an afternoon snack, or brought along on your next adventure. **Update: Stemmler's meat sticks have launched in Alberta and BC as well. Alberta has mild, honey garlic, and turkey meat sticks and BC has mild, honey garlic, and turkey meat sticks.

Stemmler's also creates incredible beef jerky in three flavours. Look for regular jerky, sweet heat jerky, and Korean BBQ jerky to hit Ontario's marketplace. Alberta can find their regular jerky, sweet heat jerky, and Korean BBQ jerky in their online marketplace and BC can also now carries regular jerky, sweet heat jerky, and Korean BBQ jerky.

truLOCAL is proud to launch 5 new incredible products from Atwood Heritage, located in Atwood, Ontario. The great folks at Atwood Heritage make delicious meat snacks that are cold-smoked, fermented, and cured using unique game meat like bison, venison, wild boar, and two different grass-fed Angus beef (both mild and spicy) Atwood uses simple ingredients like the ones in your cupboard like maple syrup, sea salt, pepper, and garlic. You told us that you wanted more unique game meat options and more high-protein snacks that were great for grab-and-go adventuring. These gems are the best of both. 

**Please note that because the Atwood product is fermented, the lead time to receive new product was too long and we had to remove the Atwood products from our marketplace. I should also remove them from this blog but they are just sooo good (seriously, try the boar if you can find them) that I am going to leave them in this blog hoping that one day they will return to truLOCAL.

How to find them.

Now you can get more than just amazing frozen meat from truLOCAL. Wondering how you can add them to your next box? It’s easy. Login to your account and click the “edit my box” button to see all of our products. You can filter to only our new snacks by selecting the “Deli & Snack” tab from the row above the products (or type “deli” or “snacks” in the search bar). Now you can easily see these amazing new deli-style snacks and add a few to your next truLOCAL box. Trust me, these snacks are easily some of my favourite items available at truLOCAL.

Article by: Steven Tippin

Posted on July 19th, 2023