Improve Your Diet With Wild-Caught Fish And Grass-Fed Beef

truLOCAL makes eating ethically raised meat easy. You can have sustainably raised beef and fish delivered straight to your door!

When It Comes To Meat And Fish, Where You Source From Matters


In recent years, Canadians have become much more aware of issues related to the sourcing of food. International environmental movements have championed local food, and most cities boast popular farmers markets where people can buy fresh food directly from the people who raised and harvested it. This is true for a range of foods, from common vegetables and fruits to foods like avocados, almonds, and oranges that need to be imported into the country, but issues around food sourcing have proved especially important when it comes to meat.


There are several reasons for this, not least of which being that in a world where people are becoming increasingly aware of how meat production intersects with issues like climate change and animal welfare, many consumers want to be sure that the meat they are eating has been ethically produced. This has led to a burgeoning market for grass-fed beef, free-run chickens, and other, more humane and environmentally friendly ways of raising cattle and poultry.


Services that specialize in local meat delivery have proven popular in part because they are able to connect consumers who want the best local product with farms that are committed to raising the healthiest, most environmentally friendly meat on the market.


But while grass fed beef delivery services like truLOCAL’s provide an important link between Ontario farms and urban consumers, one of the areas where ethical sourcing is most important is seafood. Over the past 40 years, farmed fish has become a multi-billion dollar industry, and while it has long been hailed as a way of avoiding over-fishing, research has shown that farmed fish may not be nearly as environmentally friendly as was previously believed, with fish farms responsible for a slew of ecological problems.


There is also a fair amount of evidence that fish raised on farms are not nearly as healthy or nutritious as fish raised in the wild. Not only do farmed fish contain less protein, they have been shown to contain 27% more fat than the wild-caught alternatives. 


This is why it is important to ensure that any fish you purchase has not been sourced from a fish farm — wild caught fish is better for you, and better for the environment. This is especially important when it comes to salmon, which is one of the most popular types of farmed fish and is especially prone to health problems when raised in captivity.


The good news is that using truLOCAL’s fresh meat delivery service you can order the best wild caught salmon, Icelandic cod, and pickerel and have it delivered straight to your door anywhere in Ontario. We work with Caudle’s Catch Seafood, an Ontario-based provider that sources sustainable seafood that has been certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, and our seafood options are perfect for a summer barbeque — we even order a special seafood BBQ box for shoppers who want to order a whole box made up of nothing but our wild caught fish. Orders can be set to repeat every month, ensuring you always have wild caught fish on hand.


In a globalized world, knowing where your food comes from is important — and it is especially important if you want to contribute to a sustainable fishery system and healthy oceans. Buying wild-caught fish is one of the best ways you can support local fishing operations that use sustainable fishing practices, and with truLOCAL it’s as simple as placing an order online and waiting for your fresh meal box to arrive. Try our service this month to see just how easy switching to wild caught fish can be!


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Posted on July 28th, 2021